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 It's all about me!


iTransition is a free, online transition curriculum to help students who are deaf or hard of hearing prepare for life after high school. There are three separate trainings with activities to help students learn about themselves, their career goals, and the skills they need to be successful in the future.iTransition: It's all about me! logo

  • Career Interests and Education Choices: It's My Plan!
  • First Year College Success: Be the One!
  • Essential Skills for College Living: It's My Life!


*Note: iTransition is separate from the pepnet 2 website and utilizes the username and account set-up specifically for iTransition.



iTransition is designed for deaf or hard of hearing students, ages 14 through adult.
After completing this training, students will:

  • Discover more about their interests, skills, and how they might relate to a career choice
  • Explore options for postsecondary education
  • Better understand campus departments and services
  • Develop critical thinking skills in the areas of academic, career, and personal choices
  • Improve their self-advocacy skills by communicating with others about their interests, goals, and education


Career Interests and Education Choices: It's My Plan!

Through self-assessment activities, students will learn about their interests, personalities, and skills and how to match those characteristics to career options. Activities guide students to explore different college and career training choices and create a timeline for postsecondary planning. The lessons are further enhanced with signed video clips. At the conclusion of each lesson, a personalized summary is generated and can be used in transition planning.

Career Interests and Education Choices: It's My Plan!














First Year College Success: Be the One!

Students will experience a four-day "campus orientation" at fictional State College. They will visit different buildings and services on campus and complete a variety of activities. As they explore the campus, they will learn more about the expectations and challenges of college life.

 Be the One!



Essential skills for College Living: It's My Life!

Using three student guides as examples, students will improve skills in time management, studying, goal setting, and working with postsecondary disability service providers. Examples of deaf or hard of hearing students in different types of college settings demonstrate diverse ways to solve problems, identify resources, and strategize for success in college.

Essential Skills for College Living: It's My Life!


The first three sections of iTransition are active on the pn2 website. However, we will be making a few other changes in the near future. Even though you may still be able access your eFolio account for a while, pn2 is in the process of phasing out the use of eFolio as part of this transition preparation program. We no longer provide a direct link to it. 









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