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Who are we?

Our Mission

To increase the educational, career and lifetime choices available to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our Goal

To improve postsecondary outcomes for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, including those with co-occurring disabilities.

Welcome message from Cathy McLeod, Director

Welcome message from Cathy McLeod, director

"I appreciate all you guys do!! Pepnet is such an awesome resource!!"
- Disability Service Coordinator

About QuickClasses
"All the ideas happening in this class are wonderful! This class has stirred up lots of ideas in my head."
- College Accommodations Counselor

About QuickClasses
"This course has been an awesome eye-opener for me! I had no idea there are so many different ways to communicate!!"
- VR Counselor

"The resources are the greatest asset for me. I love being able to give resources when I am not able to help someone myself. I have gained valuable tools to understanding."
- Transition Specialist

About QuickClasses
"This class is the best on line class I have ever taken. This discussion is so rich it helps me expand my knowledge and options! Thank you for mentoring me!"
- C-Print Service Provider

Quick Classes

Pn2 QuickClasses are six week, asynchronous, online classes. They cover a range of topics designed to assist the capacity building efforts of institutions, agencies, and individuals working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

QuickClasses are pre-approved for RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) and CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) continuing education credit. Participants successfully completing QuickClasses receive "Verification of Training Completion," which can be used to obtain credit from additional credentialing organizations.

We offer five sessions of QuickClasses each year. Registration for each session opens approximately one month prior to the start date. Go to our QuickClass page to learn more about what classes are offered and when as well as how you can register.

for CRCC and RID CEUs

of charge

Six weeks long
and asynchronous

Training Modules

Pepnet 2 offers a variety of free, online training modules.  These are self-paced learning activities which are available on demand.  Log into your pn2 account and you'll see a complete list in the "Opportunities" section of your eLearner Dashboard.

Access: The Fundamentals Access: Post-Production / Offline Captioning      
Map It: What Comes Next? Notetaker


pn2 Resources

The pn2 resource library contains a variety of free resources, including current strategies and evidence-based practices for working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Do you have questions about deaf or hard of hearing individuals? Let us connect you to the resource you need.

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using current research

of charge

Available 24/7

Map It:
What Comes Next?

Map It is a free, online, interactive training. It is designed for transition-aged students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Map It uses peer role models to:

  • demonstrate how individual differences lead to personalized goals and life choices.
  • allow students to learn from one another.
  • assist in development of self-determination.
  • explain how to develop informed transition plans.


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My pn2

My pn2 is the gateway to your eLearner Dashboard, a user-friendly, one-stop to access your pn2 resources.
On the right of the screen you can log into an existing account or create a new one.  If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us at help@pepnet.org

You can:

  • increase your knowledge by participating in QuickClasses.
  • connect to colleagues in Communities of Practice.
  • learn new skills by completing online training modules.


Check out our new training module!

Access: Post-Production / Offline Captioning

Pepnet 2 is proud to announce the release of a new, online, training module: Post-Production / Offline Captioning. This module provides an overview of the captioning process. It explains the value of captions, who can benefit from them, and why quality captions are essential for access. It also explores the legal issues surrounding captions.

The module is avaiable 24/7 and takes approximately two hours to complete.  To access the module, log into your pn 2 account and go to your eLearner Dashboard.  You'll find it listed in the "Opportunities" section.


Access: Post-Production / Offline Captioning

Captions promote Universal Design and access for all.