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About Us


The name pepnet 2 stems from the original acronym derived from the title Postsecondary Educational Programs Network (PEPNet) with the addition of the numeral 2, which came from the concept of adding a 2.0 (taken from software nomenclature to indicate a newer version) at the end of the name.  Since PEPNet has a rich history and reputation from its three previous grant cycles, we wanted to continue the name, while at the same time reflecting the new model of a national center.  As the mission of pepnet 2 broadened to include all postsecondary options for deaf and hard of hearing individiuals, we changed the name to lower case to diminish the association with the name as an acronym.

So if you see pepnet 2's name written and spelled as PEPNet, those materials were most likely developed and produced during cycles from 1996-2011.  If you see pepnet 2, you know the information, material or product comes from the current 2011-2016 cycle.

Pepnet 2 (pn2) recognizes the full range of postsecondary education and training options available for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, including those with co-occurring disabilities, and strives to enhance the capacity of those institutions to appropriately serve this diverse student population.  Pn2 is a national collaboration of  professionals with expertise in a broad array of content areas and  a variety of environments, including research, technology, personnel development, media production, and technical assistance.

Our mission and the focus of our resources, is to increase the education, career and lifetime choices available to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our resources include:

  • Live, one-on-one assistance in a variety of communication modes,
  • In-person and online training,
  • Materials that are downloadable, printable or available as hardcopies

Stakeholders may contact either of our front-line teams, Personnel Development or Technical Assistance for support.  The Research and Evidence Synthesis Team provides research and analysis to all teams and stakeholders. The pn2 Leadership Team provides guidance and administrative oversight, in addition to technology support and media coordination.

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance (TA) Team provides resources that support efforts to improve educational, programmatic, and vocational accessibility by:

  • Providing evidence based solutions to questions, concerns, and needs at help@pepnet.org;
  • Identifying and tracking trends, practices and issues regarding D/HH students and services;
  • Working with stakeholders (individuals, agencies, campuses) in their preferred communication mode: Email, VP, phone, video conferencing or live chat;
  • Managing a national online listserv forum, monitoring and participating on other listservs.

Personnel Development

The Personnel Development (PD) Team produces and delivers:

  • Training materials including QuickClasses, presentations, online trainings, summits, and conferences;
  • Guidance in establishing and maintaining Communities of Practice; and
  • Assistance in building the capacity for individuals, agencies, and institutions to provide quality programs and services.

Research and Evidence Synthesis

The Research and Evidence Synthesis (RES) Team gathers and analyzes evidence-based information for use in all pn2 programmatic activities, technical assistance, and products. RES is responsible for:

  • conducting the national Needs Assessment,
  •  identifying  ways that pn2 can meet the varied needs our diverse stakeholders, 
  • summarizing the research literature,
  • conducting targeted studies,
  • providing summaries of findings on factors that affect postsecondary outcomes for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Leadership Coordination

The Leadership Coordination (LC) Team, located at the California State University, Northridge ‘home-base,’ provides administrative oversight and guidance on all pepnet2 activities. Moreover, the LC team serves as the hub for programmatic communications and technology needs:

  • Technology access solutions in a variety of settings for people who are deaf or hard of hearing,
  • News and information relevant to secondary and postsecondary environments,
  • Listings of events supported by pn2 throughout the country, and
  • Online videos and resources.

Our job is to get you the resources you need. If you have questions, personal or professional, we have answers. Pepnet 2: advancing the field, building capacity, and connecting people.


Pepnet 2 is funded by the Research to Practice Division, Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education via Coorperative Agreement #H326D110003. Funding is provided from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2016.

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